The following is specific information for Pakistan.

The level of Kindle support that Amazon provides for your country is:

full support

Full support

Amazon currently ships the Kindle to your country, and you can use the free 3G Whispernet service on the device.

You can purchase an extended warranty for your Kindle. There are no extra fees added to the cost of books.

partial support

Medium support

Amazon currently ships the Kindle to your country, and you can use the free 3G Whispernet service on the device.

There is a $2 fee on most books over the original cost of the title.

low support

Low support

Amazon currently ships the Kindle to your country, but you cannot use the free 3G Whispernet service in your country. We suggest you order the WiFi only Kindle, unless you plan to travel to a country where the Whispernet service is available.

no support

No support

Amazon do not currently ship the Kindle to your country. If you want to order a Kindle you can follow our guide on shipping to unsupported countries.

Information was accurate at time of writing, and is updated regularly.

If Amazon won’t ship the Kindle to your country, you still might be able to order using our guide for unsupported countries.

The latest generation Kindle devices potentially available in your country are:

We have more information about the $2 fee you currently pay for each book purchased through the Kindle store in this country.

Below you can find a section for comments and questions about the Kindle in your country. Feel free to join in the discussion, talk about your experience with a Kindle locally, or ask a question for people who own Kindles in your country.

Is information on this page incorrect? Leave a comment below and we’ll correct any errors or changes in Amazon’s support for your country.

2 Responses to Pakistan

  1. M. A. Hameed on June 23, 2011 at 4:35 am

    It is quite confusing. I may get a Kindle through a third party in the U.S. but Amazon will not deliver books via wireless. Now, can I download to my computer via Internet all the books and magazines that I want from Amazom? Will there be any delivery charges for books and magazines when downloading via Internet? Finally, what is the wisdom in not supplying Kindle directly to Pakistan, which is the sixth largest country in the world (with 180 million population), seventh nuclear power, with English compulsory for every student?

  2. We imagine that the Amazon website wouldn’t let you purchase Kindle books from your locale as they have in the past. Your options as we understand them, from our unsupported countries guide:

    This leaves you with two choices. You could purchase your books elsewhere, and use a program such as Calibre to easily upload them to the Kindle. The other choice is to buy Amazon gift vouchers (using your credit card) then use the vouchers to pay for the books.

    As for why they pick and choose certain countries to effectively blacklist, you really have to wonder, as they don’t clearly state any reason that we can see.
    Let us know how you go!

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