Unsupported Countries

If Amazon won’t ship the Kindle to your country, you still might be able to order using this guide.

Mail redirection companies ship to various countries, allowing you to ship your Kindle to an address in the USA. They receive your package and on-send it to you.

The three most-used redirection companies are Borderlinx, comGateway and vPOST. We recommend visiting each to see if they ship to your country before going any further.

If they do, follow these steps to order your Kindle:

  1. Sign up for the redirection company of your choice. The three we mentioned above are free to join, as should be any other service you sign up for.
  2. They will provide you with a postal address in the U.S.A., typically a Suite # in a state that does not charge state tax, so you don’t pay unnecessary fees.
  3. Select a Kindle below and order at Amazon, and use your American shipping address that the redirecting company provides you.
  4. Notify your redirection company to expect a package.

When your redirection company receives the package they will send instructions on how to proceed. You can check their fees and use postage calculators on their websites before ordering.

All that’s left is to wait for your new Kindle to arrive!

The current Kindle selection at a glance – click to see more information at Amazon.com:

The only other concern for some countries is not only do Amazon not deliver Kindle devices, but you can’t use your credit card to buy books from the Kindle Store.

This leaves you with two choices. You could purchase your books elsewhere, and use a program such as Calibre to easily upload them to the Kindle. The other choice is to buy Amazon gift vouchers (using your credit card) then use the vouchers to pay for the books.

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