kndl.info is an independent1 website aimed at providing information and guides for people living outside the U.S.A., who are interesting in buying an Amazon Kindle or are already happy Kindle readers.

We provide and collect information for each specific country so locals can visit a single page for their nation and see the level of Kindle access and availability, as well as comments and questions from other people that relate to your country.

So whether you are thinking about buying a Kindle, or already a happy Kindle reader thinking of traveling to another country (or just curious!) we hope you’ll find all the information you need for each and every nation on Earth.

You can leave questions for Kindle readers of particular countries, and if you are already a happy Kindle owner, feel free to write about your experiences with your Kindle in your country so that others can learn more.

When an issue arises we’ll arrange a petition to get a gauge of support for a problem, as Amazon is a company that listens to it’s customers and we look forward to working with them on issues that the greater Kindle Public see as important.

You can select your country to find out more!

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