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New Amazon Kindle devices for 2014 announced!

Amazon have announced their latest Kindle products earlier than expected, with five new additions. Curiously, so far international Kindle users can only preorder three of the new devices:

  1. Fire HD 6. The new 6″ entry level tablet, for $99.
  2. Fire HD 7. An update to the original Fire tablet. $139.
  3. Kindle. A fresh update brings a touch screen to the base model Kindle. $99

The new Kindle Voyage, replacing the Paperwhite model, the Fire Kids tablet, are yet to be made available for non-US residents.

In more bad news, the refreshed HDX and HDX 8.9 are both unavailable for preorder unless you live in the USA.

We will keep you posted with changes as they unfold!

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2013 Kindle range Released!

The latest Kindle models are now available to order directly from Amazon, including the brighter Kindle Paperwhite, along with the Kindle Fire HDX series. Select your country from our list to see what models are available in your country.

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Kindle Fire international release date!

Amazon have announced the Kindle Fire will now be available in over 170 countries on June 13th. Up until now you could only have very limited use of the popular tablet anywhere but inside the U.S.A.

Best of all, both sizes are available for pre-order now for release on June 13th.

To see if you’re in one of those lucky countries, visit either the Kindle Fire HD preorder page, or the larger screen Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ page for more information.

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Amazon reveals 2012 Kindle range!

Jeff Bezos has today announced the new models of Kindle readers, including the Kindle Paperwhite with better resolution, contrast and inbuilt light, the 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD, as well as updated versions of existing devices and lower prices.

To see the full range, select your country from our list and scroll down.

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The $2 International Fee

Update: From reports of users to us, it seems that Amazon are slowly removing these fees on a country by country basis. As this appears to be a continuing effort, we’ve closed the petition for new signees as the problem is being addressed. We’ve kept the text below for posterity. We might not have been the absolute deciding factor that achieved this result, but we’ve all certainly made a difference!

As a few people are already aware, most countries outside the U.S.A. pay an extra $2 for each book purchased through the Kindle store. Many people are not aware however, as the fee is automatically added to the price of the book when browsing the Kindle store, and no notice is given that you are paying more than American customers.

This was originally added to offset the cost of using 3G networks to deliver books via Amazon’s Whispernet service. The problem is, even if you transfer your books via WiFi or USB you will still pay the $2 fee.

Various people have contacted Amazon about this, but some feel they are getting an unsatisfactory answer. To the credit of Amazon Support, they can only offer stock responses to certain questions. For real answers, you need to go higher.

That’s why we’ve started a petition asking Amazon.com CEO, Jeff Bezos, to explain and clarify the situation.

Let’s be clear; this petition is not about complaining of paying the fee for 3G Whispernet delivered books, nor about the range of titles available in a particular country to another. Both of those issues are out of Amazon’s control.

What we want to know is, why are we paying a fee for a service which we are not using?

You can [link removed] visit and sign the petition to ensure our voices are heard.

Hopefully together we can get an answer!

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